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With the fanfare and focus on the shiny bells and whistles of social media, it’s easy to get distracted or question why email marketing is still relevant.

Email marketing puts your business and your brand in your customers’, and potential customers’, inbox. And when you’re offering value, with relevant content that helps to solve your audience’s problems and answer their questions, you’re able to build an ongoing relationship with them and build the trust and confidence that can lead to them buying from you. Or referring their contacts. Or both!

Email marketing also gives you a great opportunity to talk with your various customer segments in ways that are specific to them. By segmenting your database, you can deliver highly targeted and relevant information to different customer types.

How can I help with email marketing?

  • Starting with a strategy. Email communication that offers real value – education, inspiration or entertainment – is more likely to be opened than just another sales pitch.
  • Consolidating and segmenting your database for most effective communication.
  • Developing style and content that makes customers want to open your emails rather than ignoring or deleting them.
  • Analysing and monitoring email marketing activity to see the content that works best and to which your community is responding.

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