Should I Include Traditional Media in My Advertising Mix?

Guest post: Is old school advertising done and dusted or is there simply a cultural cringe preventing brands from buying media? There are a few pivotal moments in your marketing where a return to traditional media can make or break your brand. So when do you look to the airwaves and glossy pages to invest in marketing growth?

Using Instagram’s Save Feature to Curate Content

While there are a number of tools that help you curate and create an outstanding Instagram feed, Instagram's own Save Feature is a great way to file away the posts you love on Instagram to use at a later date. Whether you're wanting to repost them later (with full...

Should Small Businesses Even Bother With Facebook Anymore?

It may be a question you’re asking yourself. Should I, as a small business owner, even bother with Facebook anymore?

And the answer is…it depends!

If you expect to access “free marketing” with little effort and for no money, then….no! Don’t bother.

But if you’re strategic, realistic and prepared to invest resources and money, Facebook still offers some unrivalled opportunities to reach your target audience and contribute to your marketing goals.

Tips and Tools to Create Graphics for Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are becoming more and more popular as fewer people are scrolling through the main Instagram feed, and greater numbers are tapping their way to education and entertainment. While the Instagram feed has become much more polished and produced, Instagram...

8 Time-Saving Tips For Managing Your Facebook Page

It can be such a challenge being consistent in your Facebook marketing efforts. You know social media is important, but as a busy business owner you have higher priorities for yourself or your team…priorities that bring in revenue or are important to the immediate...

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